Hi there, Here’s another style. This time I pretend to mantain simetry until finish. I think it’s bit odd but I like. Hope you too!


Cool work! Love the texture work! It adds that little extra to the piece :grin:

Thank you very much.
It starts like… I don’t know whaat I’m doing today, and then it becomes like… mmm maybe I can add extra detail on this, oh it’s possible It would be better on colour and ah, it should have some textures. Then after 5-6h. I decided to stop. If I had to improve something more I hade to change parts on the hole scene and I thought It was already enought.
I relly apreciate your comments! xv

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Looks great, I’m a fan of the expressive form and color detailing.
As a side note, the correct English spelling is symmetry / symmetrical.

@raghukamath I’m not getting an image thumbnail for this post on the artwork gallery, is it missing on your end too?

Is it working now?

Yes, that worked, thanks. :+1:

Judging by the paintbrushes she has; is this a self portrait? :wink:

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Thank you for your comments. And also yes, you’re right. It’s symmetrical. Sorry, my english has a lot to improve! hehe

now fixed! :sunglasses:

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Don’t worry about English, Most of us are not native speakers :slight_smile:

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