T-shirt designers?

Does anyone here uses ONLY Krita to design their products? Like T-shirt’s? Mugs? Stickers? Etc.

I don’t know how to vectorize my work once it’s done, do I need another software?


If you want to make a vector version of your hand drawn/painted artwork then the Freehand Path tool is easy to use.
Make sure you pay attention to the settings in the Tool Options docker and have the Pencil precision set to Curve. You can try the Optimise setting values to see if an changes there give a good/better result for you.
After you’ve drawn your vector lines or shapes, you can use the Edit Shapes tool to make detailed adjustment to the lines/shapes in terms of the path point locations and the curvature of the lines joining them:

When you learn how to use it, you could do your original design artwork with it.

The Bezier Curve tool is more complicated and may be more capable but I never got the hang of it:

I’d suggest using Inkscape for that, of course it’s best to start with vectors or make them by hand but in Inkscape you can even do it automatically. Generally Inkscape is much more vector work friendly. Inkscape is free and open-source, just like Krita.

Krita can be good for sketches or initial work though. And Krita does have vectors, just limited.

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In addition to what @tiar said, vectors in raster graphic creation application (PS, AP, Krita) are never meant for serious vector work, but rather it is used as an aid to raster graphic creation.

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Hey there, i design stickers and custom tshirt for fun and i personally use Krita for creating my designs :slight_smile: ! It is really good to draw designs with it, homewer you will need other software to vectorize it since Krita has no automatic vector conversion.

For vectorizing I use Inkscape, its hands down the best software, plus it has a ton of features for vinyl cutting.
Also to note, if you use a Silhouette cutting machine, the software that come with it, Silhouette Studio, has a really good built in tool to vectorize Black and White images (imo its even better than the vectorizer Inkscape in some cases)