Tablet pen pressure feels different in 16bit layer, is it a bug?

I need to press my pen much harder in 16bit layers to get as the same amount of pressure value as I can get in 8bit layers with much softer touches.

It’s not a problem for me since I barely use 16bit layers. I’m just curious.

This hasn’t really much to do with the bit-depth itself but the default color profile.

Switching to anything above 8-bit stuggests linear RGB (the “-g10” suffix stands for gamma 1.0, which is linear) instead of the actual sRGB transfer response curve ("-srgbtrc" suffix).
If you choose the sRGB-elle-v2-srgbtrc.icc for 16-bit, it should behave the same as your 8-bit layers do.

And yes, while linear behaves nicer on color blending, it needs a lot of adjustments to pressure curves, every now and then I’m racking my brain if there could be some kind of automatic adjustment so it feels more the same.

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