Tablet shortcut buttons are not working

The eraser/pen switch button on my stylus does not work on Krita, along with my eyedropper and eraser button on my tablet itself. To make sure it wasn’t a problem with my tablet, I tested it on another site and found it worked perfectly fine. How do I fix this?

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’ll ask you a few questions before I drift away for a long time.
Answers to these questions will be very helpful to somebody or maybe to me tomorow.

Which version number of krita and which operating system are you using?

Which graphics tablet are you using?

Have you used any graphics tablet before on this computer or with krita?

Does the stylus work normally for painting/drawing with full and proper pressure control?

Has it worked ok before with krita with no problem or has it never worked with krita and how long have you been using krita?

Are you pressing and holding the eraser/pen switch button or do you expect it to act as a toggle button?
I think you’re supposed to hold it down.

How did you set it to act as an eraser/pen switch button?

Are you aware of how the eraser-tip vs pen-tip difference works in krita?
They are treated as two separate tips that can be used to select any of the brush presets.

How did you configure those and what did you configure them as?

What do you mean by ‘another site’?

I am using 5.0 on Windows, and a UGEE m708 tablet.

I have not used another tablet with this computer or on krita.

The stylus does work normally for drawing and pressure control.

It has worked properly before, and I tried to reset the settings when it stopped working. I have been using krita for about half a year, not that long.

I have tried both holding on the stylus and clicking it.

The setting was automatically set, and I went to make sure it was the same when it started acting up. The commands go through the Pentablet UGEE driver.

I was aware that they were different, but not exactly what it meant for in terms of controls.

I configured the shortcuts through Pentablet UGEE driver as well, though they were already set as those. I never changed it from when it did work on krita.

I used ibis, Sketchbook, and to test it on.

Hopefully some of these answers help with a solution. :slight_smile:

I’ll assume that you mean 5.0.2 and Windows 10.

If everything was working fine and then suddenly stopped working (in some areas) then a change has happened.
Was it working properly on 5.0.2 or was it working properly on a previous version of krita?

If you’ve reset the settings then there’s also the possibility that they’ve been reset to something that doesn’t work quite correctly.

Either way, I suggest that you delete any existing profile that you’ve made for krita in the Applications section of the tablet config utility, close down the utility, start it again and make a new profile while krita is running, then close down the config utility.
After that, you can start the config utility to examine and adjust the various settings.

For the pen/eraser switching, the Ugee manual says it’s a single press to swap over. i.e. a toggle button.
You can test which type of tip is detected by krita by using:
Settings → Configure Krita → Tablet settings → Open Tablet Tester.

Then you can draw on the grid area and see the tablet event record on the right.
As you bring the stylus from far away to close up to the tablet, it will say what type of tip is detected.

My experience of using a Wacom tablet with Windows 10 is that Windows Ink needs to be used to get the pen/eraser swapping function available.
So, you’ll need to look into the krita Tablet Settings area for Wintab vs Windows Ink and the tablet config utility for enabling vs disabling of Windows Ink.
Then you do the swapover selections and see what starts working and what stops working, after you’ve closed the tablet config utility and restarted krita. It’s not a pleasant task.

For the tablet buttons, you can test what they are by using them to set keyboard shortcuts, for actions that currently have no shortcut, with:
Settings → Configure Krita → Keyboard Shortcuts.

There is a possibility that a Windows system update has broken the Ugee driver. So, it may be a good idea to totally uninstall it, do a power down restart and then install the latest driver from the Ugee website.

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