Tag multiple brushes by shift and ctrl clicking the thumbnails

I am in the process of reordering my brushes and really need to be able to select multiple brushes and tag all of them. For what I want, I pick a dozen brushes out of every bundle (they are all tagged by bundle) to then put the brushes in my own collection of brushes I will actually be using.

Current methods
Currently, I need to do this for each individual brush or go to the Manage Resources panel. But, with the Manage resources panel open, I cannot sketch with a new brush. So both methods are not ideal, yet.

Preferred method
I would prefer to ctrl/ shift select multiple brushes from the Brushes docker and add a tag to all of them there.

The following would at least allow to select them bundle-wise.


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I see, you can add a tag to multiple brushes in that panel. You can shift select brushes there and add a tag with the + button. Would be nice if you could also do this in the canvas, so you don’t have to open the “Manage Resources” window after having tried a couple brushes.

Ctrl- or shift-click multiple brushes for tagging would be an awesome feature. I would use that a lot.

As a workaround, I like to work in the Brush Editor with the scratchpad activated on the right and the presets activated on the left. You still have to tag each brush individually but at least the scratchpad allows you to experiment with each one before tagging.

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Not sure why, but you can’t Ctrl+A brushes with a particular tag and then add a new tag to them in the resource manager, e.g. to add a subgroup (tag) to a new overarching group (tag).