Takiro's Simple Wood Guide


I made a wood guide because someone asked me how I did it in one of my works. Thought it could be a good exercise because I couldn’t really remember myself how I did it.

I focused more on why wood patterns are like they are instead of the actual steps to create a pattern. You know, teach a man how to fish and so on.

I only used the Charcoal_Rock_Soft brush for all the illustration. It’s a basic brush, so everyone should be able to reproduce this. With some textured brushes or bristle brushes you can probably get some amazing realistic wood patterns and textures but I focused on a simple stylized pattern instead since everyone who can do realistic painting, probably doesn’t need my guide anymore x3.

PS: There is already a simple brush called Texture_Wood_Fiber in Krita that could be already enough for some people.


Great post! :smiley: I remember the post where the person asked. It’s amazing that you went and made a guide!

They say one learns best from learning others! :grin:

I’m surprised myself, actually x3.

A lot of artist say, just go outside and look at nature, however a beginner often doesn’t even know what to take from there. At least I remember that it was like that for me. Sometimes a guide is handy just to show you where you have to pay attention. Next time you know what to look for.

This is true in cases like this.
Also, I have seen this a lot in this forum. Someone asks: “How did you do this?” or “What brush did you use for that?” and they often reply with “I don’t know.”
I guess at some point you don’t think about how you paint something anymore, you just do. Just as you don’t think how you put a leg in front of another to reach a location, you just walk there. It was quite an experience to step back and think about “how do I actually walk anyway?”.

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Thank you. I really hope it’s of use for some people.

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I love the fun vibe of this guide and how it stimulates curiosity about wood. You quickly learn cool facts.
I think laying it out in something like scribus and using a cool yet consistent easy to read font would make it reach another level.

Thanks. When someone of your skill level thinks it’s not complete garbage. I know I’m on the right track. x3

I often find it’s easier to remember something when you learn a trivial and possibly interesting fact about it. So I tried to put this into this guide too.

The funny thing is, if you know a few things or two you can easily spot “fake” wood everywhere. Like my desk I’m sitting in front of right now is just cheap chipboard or plywood with wood texture glued on and it has the same pattern on all 4 sides which cannot be.

Yes. I’m not very satisfied with the result either. I did everything in Krita and Krita’s text tool and I are not exactly friends so I just wrote it by hand with my terrible handwriting x3. The text color looked good on my two drawing screens too but when I looked at it from another shittier screen it was basically white and unreadable, so that is another issue. I probably redo it and re-upload it.

Another thing is that, since I made this guide, I’ve seen a few patterns that I didn’t cover. I also didn’t cover plywood, chipwood and OSB. Maybe I add them too. It’s cool how something like this can change what you see around you. :3

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Thank you for the kind word, I’m just another fella’ in the community ! I admire your mindset and spirit, this is really cool.

I was thinking about the wood as recently I’ve been observing the way different material play different tones differently. And I thought, hey there is some shiny wood, some matte wood, some old, some new etc…this could also enrich the guide.

Makes me want to have a common library about material how to for everyone…

Yeah, I just scratched the topic of old wood a bit with an example. When it ages or is under stress, there are some changes that can happen.

I’m not an expert on wood of course, but from my experience, without varnish (or a layer of resin) you never really get super shiny wooden things. Even when sand papered and polished it’s still kinda matt.

This would be great.