Terms of Service Updates - please read it

In addition to already existing rules and terms of service we have update our terms of service to include these rules or points in the Content Standard section. Please take a note of these. Any feedback and suggestion is welcome.

  1. While submitting painting, drawing or sketches, it should not in any way depict child pornography, child abuse or underage characters in erotic pose. Fan-art of characters which are perceived or are under the age of 18 will be considered illegal and deleted even if they are depicted as adults. This forum does not in any way tolerate child abuse or child pornography, hence if the imagery shows such actions your posts will be deleted without any explanation at the discretion of the moderators and administrators.

  2. Paintings/images which show genitalia, private parts or subject in erotic pose should be marked nsfw by using the nsfw tag while posting.

  3. While posting Fan-art images the onus for acquiring the permission for using the character from the franchise holder lies with the poster/user. If franchise holder demands removal of the image from the forum, then the post will be removed. The user who posted the image will be held responsible for any legal and financial liabilities arising from the infringement.

You can read the section that has these changed here.

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