Text on Krita is too Big

Feel very silly, I was wanting the font for my design to be bigger than 72pt and was following some tutorials on YouTube. I’ve got confused and been watching a video which was telling me how to increase just the general text in krita. So I’ve just whacked it up to 100 as wanted really big don’t size and now the writing is so big I can’t use Krita or go back in to the setting to change it back. I’ve uninstalled and re installed it and the issue is still there. Does anyone know how I can fix it?? Thanks in advance!

:slight_smile: Hello @brookeb and welcome to the forum!

For this you need to either edit the file “kritarc” with a text editor to change this setting in it, or delete this file and let Krita recreate it on startup. Depending on your operating system, this file may be in a different location. I guess you are using Windows, there you will find this file in the following directory: “c:\Users\YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME\AppData\Local\”, at the end of this directory itself and not in one of its subfolders.
If you use another OS you will find this file there in the local path of the logged in user.


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