Thank you to all who contributed to the April Challenge!

The April Challenge has just wrapped up (well, if you want to continue it you can :wink: ), and a total of 77 paintings were completed! I want to thank individually to everyone who contributed:


Also a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the planning process, as well as @raghukamath for helping with the forum logistics!


you are welcome, @slightlyangrydodo ! :smiley:

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I’m really glad I could participate! You all motivated me to do so many paintings :slight_smile: I still have two that I started but haven’t published…

Also do you think I could put some of my artworks from it to Artworks category? Not all, but the best ones since I want to have them in my “Portfolio” :smiley:

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Thanks boss for setting it up!

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I couldn’t participate due to too many work assignments, but this was fun and really helpful for the community health. Please arrange such challenges anytime you feel like. I’ll be happy to help. The posts were inspiring and really cheerful to see every morning.

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I really wanted to contribute more than just one image, but the last two weeks I didn’t really touch my stylus at all since the 4.3 code freeze was approaching fast and I felt I should get at least some of the half-done things ready for merge. But the success of that was still rather limited… :frowning:

Anyway, I enjoyed following the threads and hope for more iterations of this :slight_smile:


Thank you all, and I’ll keep thinking on more ideas for challenges. I think a version of the Daily Spitpaint would be really cool. I don’t know how that would function well given the structure of the site, maybe one thread? It’s basically how the Facebook group works, one single thread, but most people are exposed to the artwork via their normal feed, which is different to how this forum works.

Of course! The portfolio should always be updated :smiley: