"The Ally of Seasons"

Hi!! When I saw this theme I just really had to draw an entrey. In this art piece I drew Kiki’s and Leon’s journey through every season. Exploring avery tempreture and beauty. Thank you for concidering my piece!!


The access is denied to the link. Can you please post the image directly here on the forum? You can just drag and drop while making the post.

can you try again now?? ant pls tell me if it still doesnt work!! Thank you!

The link is now a ‘share with everyone’ link instead of one that requires a google account sign in so yes, anyone can see it if they can be bothered to make the effort and manually allow various content to get through any security plugins they may have on their browser.

However, it would not be difficult for you to Export it as a .jpg with 90% Basic Quality to give a 1.2 MB .jpg file that could be posted on this forum.

You can leave the link there for anyone who wants to look at it in .png fine detail.