The approaching storm (continued)

The painting is more and more mature, the first shadows are on the canvas as well as some details on the animals. From this point the forms are well defined, you can see where do the muscles and fur turning. The base shadows define the mood of the whole color composition. There are a lot of work ahead, but the current state deserves a new share here. I hope you like it!


Pretty cool so far!
I am wondering tho: Are you trying to depict cloud shadows? Because if you are, that’s not how it looks like. Shadows cannot be cast on thin air. I’m guessing you are trying to do a godray effect. Godrays/sunrays are sunlight scattered by particles and the “ray” look comes from shadow volume seperations. (That’s textbook definition, don’t stress) So the shadows would maybe look somewhat like this is there was ridiculous amount of fog.
BUT if you are depicting rainfall, then carry on.

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Hello, thank you very much! Those lines under the clouds is dark rain. I have to soften them a lot and add some gradients as well. The currently flat shadow that reaches from the background to the animal is cloud shadow. I will work more on the grass to show the direction of the wind and adjust the details of the shadows to that. Currently those lines and colors are just blueprints, and we will see what can I create with them. :slight_smile:

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