The approaching storm - the next phase

As I work towards the finish line with this painting I thought it is worth to share another status shot. I’ve already put many details on the canvas, the animal is started to show the form, the grass has a variety of colors and direction. The clouds are almost finished, except that I want to lose some edges there. I am in the last stage of adjusting everything loosely, and after it I can start working on the fine details, the deepest shadows and the brightest highlights. It is my first longer work in Krita, I created my own pixel brushes that I use for sketching and coloring.

I made a video about the process:


The grass look pretty dang lush!
Maybe add a couple of other zebra friends in the background. Would add even more life into the composition.

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Originally I planned some approaching lions from the direction of the storm but somehow I felt it “too much”. I feel this composition with the lonely zebra, the big open area and the storm a great balance.

This is turning out quiet well. the mood is dramatic and I like the painterly effect of the grass. If I may give critique I would say, the top left part is a bit empty and that makes it a but unbalanced, may be a stray cloud will help.