The "Canvas Input Settings" text is not intuitive for the user

The “Canvas Input Settings” text is not intuitive for the user.
It cannot be seen from the “Canvas Input Settings” text that shortcuts can be configured in it.
Maybe it should be called “mouse and touch shortcuts” more intuitive? :thinking:


I agree with this canvas inputs don’t really give much information which causes many people to look for shortcuts that use mouse input in the keyboard shortcuts.

While in the topic of the canvas inputs, the interface for it is not very intuitive either, having to open each category to see shortcuts can be annoying and having no way to search shortcuts is a downside.

Also the way it is, you only know all the possible actions you can have shortcuts for if you try creating a new one for each category which doesn’t really help the user to know what their options are.


That would simply be more incorrect, not more intuitive… And yes, it sucks that this isn’t integrated with the keyboard shortcuts settings page, and yes, we’ve known this for a decade or so – the page was introduced in 2013.

However, fixing this is a MAJOR refactoring that touches so many moving parts that nobody has dared start work on it. Heck, even just integrating the shortcuts page in the settings dialog and creating the action manager was half a year of work for the person who did that.

I am sorry but i have to disagree with this. The amount of times i see people trying to change shortcuts that use mouse input by going to the keyboard shortcuts shows that canvas inputs holds no meaning to them. So right now is already not intuitive.
And kinda shows that people see shortcuts and already jump to it

While it may be " incorrect" ( which i really don’t understand why) i think reviewing the name could be beneficial to be more intuitive to users.

I understand that refactoring to integrate to the keyboard shortcuts can be a daunting thing though i wonder if keeping it separate but refactoring how the canvas inputs looks and how it’s organized would be the same amount of work. As changing the presentation of that page could already help navigating it better (adding a search bar would already be 100 times better imo) but i will be honest i have no idea how how this change could look like.