The Cyclops



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Thank you Eric1967.

Brilliant work. I wonder what he looks at.

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He is looking at you!

:grin: Yeahh, of course he does…“if so, then he might think say” do another one you lazzy wannabe painter" :sweat_smile:.

… and I should but I haven’t mutch time these weeks. Used my spare time to try out OS’s and set up software.

But I see you are allways at the brush - that’s pretty commendable :+1:.

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He would definitely say that! I am getting about three hours a week to draw and it is very hard since my goal is three hours a day but life is what it is and some things are more important, like caring for my grandchild who is more beautiful than my creepy drawings. My new goal is one image a week but it cuts out time for anything other than drawing when I sit down to my computer, like actually learning how to use Kritas’ features.

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