The Fallen One


Wow, beautiful!

The fallen one as described in sumerian mythology?

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Thank you Jeremiah. No, this wasn’t based on the Sumerian mythology. I just can’t think of any other title. :slight_smile:

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The woman and the wings are both amazing, but it doesn’t look like they belong together.

I did a little test to see if I could merge them a bit more:

It still looks kind of odd because the musculature to support the wings isn’t there.

It looks really good as it is too. I envy your skills! :slight_smile:


Thank you Bleke and thanks for the feedback.

Now I know what you did but can’t imagine the skill to get there. Love the “Armor” layers.

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Thank you Sineater… Ah yes, the ‘Armor’ layers… it’s just that I forgotten to paint the armor… :grin: