The Free hand path tool needs to be fixed in Krita 5 pre-alpha[Bug]

For anyone reading that doesn’t know what this tool is; the freehand pathtool is a shape tool, That can be set to be filled or not filled. I usually set it to fill for erasing things quickly or making quick shapes.
The problem with this tool in krita 5 pre-alpha is that compared to krita 4, when you try color picking while in the freehand path tool, the action of picking a color also activates the freehand path tool, causing the lasso to be dragged from the source of the color pick point to wherever your cursor goes.

Screenshot from 2021-07-20 11-58-31

Steps to reproduce:
Select the freehand path tool
Change fill to foreground color
Change outline to no outline or brush
Try picking a color on the canvas

Picking a color activates the freehand path tool

I’d also like to request a feature on top of this, I’d like for krita to remember the freehand path tool settings, Since I’m always having to change Curve to raw every time I open the app.

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Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

This is obviously a bug and is a regression from 4.4.5.
Please go to and sign up then sign in to create a formal bug report.

As for remembering the Tool Options settings, that would need a separate ‘Wishlist’ bug report.
I think this has been suggested before but I can’t remember what was said about it.
I suggest that you wait for more replies about remembering the Tool Options.

I think remembering tool option and saving them as tool presets was implemented. I don’t know if it will be in 5.0. @halla might be able to answer this