The Iron Golem

I AM SO PROUD OF THIS ONE!!! :laughing: :laughing:

this is a fan-art for the game named Minecraft

I have previously thought of adding a background but I didn’t because I wanted him to be the main part of the image, this drawing really just started from using different brushes. I used ‘fill circle’ which I believe it’s from the resource pack ‘Krita 3.3’ :slightly_smiling_face:




what? what do you mean @Grum999 ? :thinking:

“Laputa” => Japanese anime Laputa: Castle in the sky

Your iron golem with a flower remind me the robot in Laputa.
There’s a sequence where the robot give a flower to Pazu and Sheeta:

I was thinking you were inspired by this…


ahhhh, is see! i forgot! the iron golem was inspired by this, so the minecraft team decided to add this as an ‘easter egg’ whenever a baby villager comes near they hold out a flower. cool right?

Ahah ok, so Laputa inspired, indirectly :sweat_smile:

I don’t play to minecraft so I didn’t understood the reference and then, I was just thinking about this robot :slight_smile:


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its cool, have a nice day :wink:

you too :wink:


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