The last battle

On my side, on a calibrated screen (calibration made last sunday with a Spyder2 probe and Linux tools DisplayCal+Argyll) the picture is not too dark.
There’s darkness related I think to ambience of current scene, but brightness it correct, I can see details in shadows without any problem.

But, on my secondary screen, that is not (yet) calibrated, there’s a problem: brightness is too high; so high that the dark side is like “in a broad daylight” (not sure about google translation to explain what I see)

And on my phone, problem is inverted: brightness is so low that I don’t see the secondary character on the left side (and the first one is hard to guess)

So on my side, 3 devices, 3 completely different rendering.
About this, there’s no real solution: unless devices are calibrated, every one may have a different rendering according to used device.
And on my side, only the calibrated screen provide me a result that I consider as correct in term of brightness/contrast


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