The Lonely Tire Swing

First digital art piece. Constructive criticism greatly appreciated.


I like the highlights on the trees. I feel the highlights are too localized to the position of the moon in the picture, as if the moon was a lamp held very near to the trees; I see that the trees furthest to the left and right are not highlighted at the edges, but since the moon is so far away, they should be.

I’m not sure why the ground the tree grew from looks bluish; maybe add some green to make it look more like grass (or add spiky grass).

The waterfall is kind of neat though I’d reduce the saturation a bit on all the water, and add a reflection of the rocks surrounding the pool of water, to make it look less opaque and solid.

Water is translucent, flowing over rock, so where the rocks block the water, it would be good to mix in the color of the underlying rock – probably grey.

Push the waterfall foam to the edge of the rock on the bottom right because there should be foam there; it’s just obscured by the viewpoint.

The tree looks like it’s bent a bit unnaturally in the center because the tree was leaning the opposite direction to begin with. The rocks right next to it have a strong moon highlight, but the big rock just above the tree doesn’t have as strong of a highlight on the edges.

Otherwise, this is pretty good. I think the composition is nice, and I like the style.

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it could use some more shadows/darkness. i hope you don’t mind, i did a quick paintover with a multiply layer.

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Thanks for the in depth reply! I was using this as a piece to get used to the brushes and painting digitally. I’ll work on the it some more with your advice in mind. :grin:

I think it does need to be a bit darker but id like to keep the visibility of the brush strokes as well.


yeah, i probably overdid it, it was just a quick thing to show you what i meant :slight_smile: