The main canvas display colors differently

Type of device (graphics tablet/display tablet/2-in-1 laptop/Android tablet): graphics tablet
Brand and version of the device: Trust Slimline Widescreen Tablet (16529)
System** : Windows 7

Description of the issue (you can include screenshots):
Hello there!

I noticed there was a new update of the program, and so I thought to try it out, instead of be sticked around the old one I had. However the instalation went out normal, and it can load as same, when I load some of my drawings or make a new one, the main canvas is displaying the colors differently than they should normally look, but the small prewiew window I have in the docks to always have a look on it all, the colors are there diplaying normally, just how they are supposed to look.
I am very confused where the problem might be? Maybe I have accidentaly changed some displaying options of the canvas?

I would be really happy for any advice how to solve thing out, because like that it feels I just made myself partially colorblind hahah :smiley:

Thank you!

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Looks like a classic GPU driver error. Most common on Windows 7 with AMD GPU’s. Either switch between OpenGL or Angle, and if that’s not possible, disable canvas acceleration.

Note that we do not support Windows 7 anymore.

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This happened to me in Windows 10. I tried several things, even a reinstall. Finally fixed it by disabling Hardware Acceleration, restarting Krita, and enabling it again.

Thank you very much!
Switched from Angle to OpenGL, and the main canvas seems to be normal again.

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