The "make brush color more..." and "shift brush color hue..." shortcuts are a janky mess

The more you use them the more the chosen color becomes desaturated until it has no saturation information left to make the hotkeys usable. Elegant. Also adjusting the steps for these hotkeys appears to do nothing.

I wouldn’t have bothered trying to use these arcane features if there were sensible hotkeys for setting opacity. Just copy photoshop on this one… use the number pad to quickly set the percentage… When I was googling about this I found a post from 3 years ago requesting this feature. So I guess this is either a design decision at this point or the devs are out to lunch lol.

Besides this glaring flaw it’s a good piece of software. These small quality of life features are what separate a decent program like krita from an industry standard like ps. I hope someone on the team takes the 30 min to add this functionality but that 3 year old post doesn’t inspire much confidence.

Is your name short for " ‘critacal’ of krita developers"?

No they are working and don’t really have time for a person ranting at them :slight_smile:

I hope you do it in 15 minutes. if you know it will take 30 minutes surely you are a master at it and I must expect you to do it in 15 minutes no 5 minutes at the most.

TL;DR: I went into detail why this specific issue hasn’t been solved yet. If you read it fully, you’ll understand the situation better. In short, your time estimation is most probably incorrect, three years ago Krita had one or two full-time developers and gained a few more only last and this year, and the feature is not used as often as you think (or other users don’t mind the issue), since I don’t get many questions about it doing user support, people ask for other features and issues more often. And it needs to be properly reported on ( is not enough, in my opinion, it deserves its own bug report). And you can set up Increase and Decrease Opacity shortcuts in Configure Krita -> Keyboard Shortcuts.

It’s probably because they use the HSX color model, which is not actually a proper color model but an alternative representation of RGB.

The reason you got only less than constructive responses is because even though you said that

your post sounds extremely condescending and aggressive. Maybe you didn’t intend it that way, maybe you’re just frustrated and didn’t think of it much, maybe you haven’t expected meeting actual devs here. (Although, tbh, there is not much difference - when I was just a volunteer before I was hired, I was getting upset too when someone was coming to reddit to just rant over Krita).

I guess it would be beneficial to talk about why this specific issue isn’t solved yet. There are multiple factors.

First of all, while for you this feature is crucial and the issue you’re experiencing breaks your workflow, it’s not actually as common of a problem as you think. I am doing user support on reddit for nearly two years now and I maybe got a question about those color hotkeys once or twice, while I got a lot of questions about Colorize Mask colors getting shuffled when the user has over 16 colors and then they set one of the colors as transparent. And I still forgot about this issue (even though I thought it’s important and we need to fix it quickly) because Transform Tool crashes were more important than that. (And I’m deep in resource rewrite anyway, and Krita team was mostly fighting with building issues and serious regressions on the last few months).

You might see this feature as essential, but if you think it through, you’ll notice that Krita has thousands of those little features here and there. We now have 400-500 bugs and similar number of wishes on our bug tracker. The sheer amount of it is overwhelming; and we really have not enough developers to fix them all quickly. Some of the bugs and issues are fixed quickly (crashes, data loss, regressions (something worked and in the last release it stopped working), high priority bugs in features or tools that are constantly used), some of them needs to wait.

Another factor is that those three years ago that you mentioned, Krita team had one, maybe two full-time developers (I’m not sure when @boud was hired full time). Now we have 5 full-time and 2 part-time, but note that three of the full-time ones were hired throughout last year and the part-timers were hired this year, only a month or two ago. Before that, there were @dkazakov and @boud, at some point Jouni joined them, not sure when and for how long. Other than that, there was a bunch of volunteers. Unfortunately, there is one more difference between Krita and Photoshop that you haven’t mention: Krita’s budget is way smaller. We do want to have software that contains no bugs and all features work great, we do work towards that goal - but this goal is not reached yet.

Another factor is time estimation.

I’m sorry, but if you don’t know Krita code and architecture, your coding time estimation might be very far off. Even I, after coding on Krita for a year, don’t really trust my own time estimation too much and ask @dkazakov or @boud if I’m right. @dkazakov did fix 6 bugs in one day at some point in the past, but even he usually spends days on one bug. This one might be easy, but if my suspicion is correct, it would require some juggling of color spaces, specifically a perceptual one, and it might be difficult, impossible or just not worth it, since the perceptual model (YUV, YCrCb, or something similar, I’m not an expert) doesn’t have a Hue ring like HSV and other HSX models have, but just two values that create a square, not a circle. So it might turn out to be even less usable for the end user.

Another factor is the fact that it wasn’t properly reported, or I haven’t found it. There is a wishlist item here: but it’s only mentioned in Comment 3 ( and the wish asks for selection of different HSX color models, which might or might not fix the issue you’re having. Note: forum posts are nice and all, but if it’s not on the bug tracker or in a phabricator task, it won’t be remembered. Having it in a wishlist item decreases the priority, and having it in a comment makes it basically invisible (note that the title doesn’t say anything the specific issue you’re having).

(Another side note: anyone reading this, please make a forum post about a new feature you’re thinking of, do not report them on the bug tracker unless you’re asked to do so by Krita developer or user supporter. There are reasons for that, but I don’t want to digress too much).

That sound like a good Python plugin idea, quite easy to implement. If you are a developer, you can try it - you’ll get a lot of help here. Or ask someone to do it. It should be 30 minutes of work :slight_smile: And maybe an hour of screaming with frustration on restarting Krita every time one makes a little change in the code… :smiley:

Also there is a shortcut for changing the opacity. There is “Increase Opacity” and “Decrease Opacity” in Configure Krita -> Keyboard Shortcuts (it changes it by 10 percentage points). You can also change it quickly in right-click brush HUD menu.

Actually, the color hotkeys are probably possible to be implemented as a Python plugin as well.


My first response was actually to see if I could implement it in a python plugin. There was nothing in the api though that suggested this was possible so I gave up on it. And you’re right I haven’t looked at krita’s codebase to be able to give an accurate estimation of the time required to implement this. The codebase could be a nightmare for all I know. If this simple feature would be a huge endeavor then cleaning up the codebase would probably be a better use of your resources.

I’ll be honest I tried a dozen more free drawing apps since posting this and finally found one that “gets it”. Compared to others out there it’s very limited but what it does it does well and even outperforms the biggest competitors like photoshop on some of these things. I won’t plug it here because that would be sleazy and I still think krita has good potential.

So I don’t really care if this gets fixed because I’m not invested anymore but I’d recommend to you and you’re dev team, because you seem to be listening to some degree, scale things back a bit and do a few things really well instead of trying to do everything with jankiness as collateral. Never forget the end-user experience in every decision you make in the codebase.

Best of luck. You have a better shot than most.

I like how your tone came back from rudeness to a bit of politeness but still you assumed that other devs don’t listen.

Thanks for suggestions and enjoy painting.

For the opacity, it’s quite easy to just check how Quick Settings docker (which is another python plugin) does it:

brushOpacity = 0.6
window = Application.activeWindow()
view = window.activeView()

For the color, one can use Mixer Slider docker or some other color settings python plugin docker (someone recently created one for HSV):

w = Krita.instance().activeWindow()
view = w.activeView()
mc = view.foregroundColor()
# calculate new mc (of class ManagedColor)
# you can use:
# mc = ManagedColor.fromQColor(QColor(r, g, b), canvas)

If you couldn’t find it, you should’ve just asked. Also the opacity python plugin could be written in 30 minutes. The hue changes probably not, because debugging all those values would take some time. Maybe a few hours. Maybe a few days. But the opacity one is very easy. Still, the shortcuts for Increase and Decrease Opacity would be like 2 minutes of searching through menus and setting it up, what’s wrong with them? They have just enough granularity for me and are faster than writing the opacity in some textbox, even with help of a plugin.

That’s not always true, even if a feature is really simple. It’s enough if the underlying architecture doesn’t support that one specific functionality. Maybe it was thought for some other usages and those other usages are really, really simple (in case of Krita: proper color management with different color models on every layer), while some other ones might be a bit more challenging. Also

We do. That’s why we consider audio for animation and Colorize Mask 16 and more number of colors while settings transparency of a much higher priority than your issue. Because people ask about those once a week, not once in three years.

I’m happy you’ve found another program you like. I wish you all the luck with it.

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