The new rotation tool is absolutely infuriating.

I’m not sure which version number I’m using, almost certainly the most recent.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Krita the other day because of some issues, and when I reinstalled it it had updated.

:open_mouth: how dare yall update ur app (/sarcasm)

Anyways, the tiny little scroll circle is absolutely infuriating. It’s small, easy to overcompensate, and only does 15 degree increments. The right-click wheel is fine but I’m in the habit of using the rotation bar at the bottom. Also, the new wheel doesn’t have a “go vertical” button, at least not one I can find.

Yeah I don’t really know how to end this off. Buh bye.

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It has 15 degree locked stepping around the circle, continuous adjustment outside the circle with increasingly fine control as you move further away from it, the abilty to type a value to two decimal places, increment/decrement by 1 degree with the arrow buttons and right-click flipping and resetting options.
What’s not to like?

I may be wrong, but I think it’s only a case of not knowing the perks of the new tool, and how better it is. Like saying it only increments by 15 degree maybe shows not knowing the fine control when you move away from the circle.

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This is what you can do with the angle selector:

  • You can set the angle with the circular gauge or with the spin box. In the case of the circular gauge:
    • The angle can be changed with the keyboard if the widget has the focus by pressing up/down/left/right keys and snaps to multiples of 15 degrees if you also press ctrl key.
    • The angle can be changed with the mouse wheel and snaps to multiples of 15 degrees if you also press ctrl key.
    • The angle can be changed with the mouse clicking and dragging around and snaps to multiples of 15 degrees if you also press ctrl key or drag close to the circle (it doesn’t snap if you drag far unless you press the ctrl key).
  • You can reset the angle by double clicking on the circular gauge or by right clicking on it and selecting the “reset angle” option in the popup menu.
  • You can “flip” the angle horizontally, vertically or both by:
    • Pressing one of the buttons to the side of the spinbox (these buttons may be hidden in places where there is not much room).
    • Selecting the appropriate entry in the menu that pops up when right-clicking the circular gauge or when pressing the options button (the options button is only visible if there is room and the “flip” buttons are not shown).

Is there any way to switch back to the old one?

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Only by installing older versions, but that I don’t recommend. This new one has so many options as you can read in the Topic, I’ll recommend getting familiar with those new options and as time goes by you’ll probably get used to it.