the program stops drawing and has lag

Hi there I’m new to this world and I have a problem at the moment using Krita when I start drawing everything is fine, but suddenly the program stops responding to where I lead my pen and just stops doing anything, no more lines, no more cursor, it just stops drawing for a few seconds and then I can start again for 5 seconds until it stops again, while this happens I can click outside of the drawing but inside is not working at all. The problem isn’t my tablet cause I use it in paint and lightroom and it works just fine, I have enough RAM and I don’t have issues with my storage, do you have any suggestions?

Could it be that autosave just takes too long? Autosave happens every ten minutes by default, I think (i set it to five on my machines). When it saves you can’t draw. Usually you don’t notice but when you file is huge and you drive is slow it can take a few seconds.

When it really happens every few seconds it could be because you use a very large brush on a very large canvas and you computer simply hasn’t the cpu power to handle this.

Hello …

How do you feel about Krita (bbi)
I’m not 100% sure, but if you make the bbi setting to about 72, this setting is for digital (as an example background image) because this setting travels … if you want it to be printed out you had to do 300 bbi :wink:. … that is so similar to Photoshop because you have to set the dpi and guess this is the same as with Krita :slight_smile: I hope that I do not explain it wrong if I am wrong I ask for improvement ^^

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