The Reference Images Tool is inconvenient to use

I’m using a translator.

I use it all the time, Krita’s the best!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: but I have one complaint though…

The Reference Images Tool is inconvenient to use

To be honest, it is very inconvenient to use. It is inefficient to have to press the tool key and operate with the tool options.
Can you make it like the CLIPSTUDIO Sub View Palette?

I will post the link ↓

Thank you.

How is this simpler in any way?

I’ve never used Clip Studio but I read the linked page. It seems to me we already have all these capabilities. And the way the Krita reference tool works is consistent with other tools such as the transform tool.

I don’t find it difficult at all but my workflow may be very different from yours. Can you help us understand?

Just use the plugin “imagine board” it does this and way way more. This sub view seems a bit mehh.


And here I am, preferring Krita’s reference tool over CSP Sub View Palette.

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I plugged it in and used it right away!
It is great to be able to complete all operations on a screen. :blush:
I really like the feeling of it being similar to a sub view.

One question, is there any way to lock the popup so it doesn’t go into the docking space?
When I bring it to the top of the screen, it is forced to be stowed, which is a little inconvenient.:hushed:

press a modifier key like ctrl, alt or shift as you move it to not trigger the docking.


I did it ~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!:raised_hands:
Thank you so much, You are my God !:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray:


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