The Rising


I like your work generally, but often feel a bit disappointed when I open up the full image - as it seems like you rushed, or didn’t see it through to completion.

This in contrast seems like a step up to me - not just more refined, but more considered in composition.

Very cool! :grinning: :+1:


Thank you for your feedback. Maybe you didn’t realize that 99% of my work is practice. And sometimes in a more painterly style which isn’t bad at all.

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That’s cool. And I hope you understand - I’m not trying to be critical of you, but acknowledge the extra work and care that’s apparent here. That looser digital brushwork worked well in the 1-hour sketches you posted.

It’s often not easy to tell intent as there’s not much distinction in this forum between images. Plus you know; you often don’t say much if anything when you post - so I can only comment on what I see. :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe it would help to have a sketches section on the forum as the current options don’t really cover it? @raghukamath

I wasn’t very specific in my initial post, but I like how you’ve handled the atmospheric perspective, and the level of detail transition. The cloud shapes in the background help with the sense of scale and dramatic impact. I like the contrast between the big dark monolithic structures and the more serene organic setting in the foreground - there’s a sense of some story in there. Between the more natural-looking brushes, and detail you’ve put in, it looks closer to an oil painting.

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This landscape is really good. It started with watercolor brushes and end like this, so is another way to use the watercolor brushes and not look the traditional look. The idea is interesting, because what else can be used in the unexpected way? thiat creative way of thinking contribute a lot to open new doors or even create new tools.

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Its always a joy to see Soma’s work, his use colour and composition is always something to see

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The best thing I can say about any great art is it’s inspiring.
Soma’s paintings inspire me.

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Great work! It’s like all the locations from Lord Of The Rings in one painting. As if you were peering through the adventure.

I love how even when I open up the full image, it doesn’t look artificial. I’ve noticed most paintings like this I see done digitally look great as a thumbnail, but when opened fully, they have a definite digital look. Nothing wrong with that, but for me there’s something about the look of real oil/watercolor that is especially appealing, and this captures that! I’m curious what kinds of brushes you used…

Your style that reminds me of old oil paintings… Which I think is really interesting. The landscape and dramatic clouds with the small houses makes me think of romanticism and in the background the dark castles and lightning like in some adventure sci-fi thing.

It makes me wonder who these small hard working people ruled by some kind of evil darkness is? :smiley:

Some really well painted stuff in this painting!