The text is too small to read. Can I make it bigger?

I’ve been using Kirita for about a week now and I haven’t had any issues so far with the size of the texts. After booting it up today, every text from the “File” to “User Manual” went from the normal text size to too small to read. I almost mistook the words for crumbs on my TV.

Jokes aside are there an accessibility setting or resolution size for the text? I do my work on my 43" TV sitting 4 ft away so it’s unfortunately too inconvenient to make art with text at 1pt.

Heya! Seems your screen has a high pixel density. :slight_smile: Have you tried the HiDPi Setting in the preferences?

Krita main window: Settings > Configure Krita > General > Window > “Enable HiDPi Support”.
When you activated it, press ok and restart Krita.

Does that help you?

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Ahh, thank you for the response. I took a look and found the setting you mentioned. Turns out the setting was “Checked in the box” as default. Turning it off and back on (restarting both times) sadly did not work. Is there something else I could be missing?

Are you using Windows? It could be that you can scale Krita by changing the scaling of the operating system, since most people don’t use 43 inch TVs a monitors, that is not a standard and would need to be changed. Here’s a guide if you are using windows. Maybe try that out. :slight_smile:

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Yep. That fixed it! Thanks again for the help!

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Glad it helped. You’re welcome!