The thing says "Purity"

This is the pic that made me never want to paint scales again.


That makes me just think this could’ve been simplified somehow :smiley:

Still though, great texture work, esp where the jacket is catching red light.

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Thank you! I thought Purity fit with the “pure” off-white background XD

dude… i did try to draw your work. i couldnt catch red light :confused:
i have a long way hah…


That’s COOL!

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Damn! I never thought someone would do studies of my work! XD That’s really good tho! I like how you simplified the “scale-hell” on the jacket XD

Thanks .P It was a good study/experience. It showed me that i could draw and paint a human-like things. Uhmm… And, i want to ask a favor. Can you take the fake drawing(mine), and show us how to repair/adjust at points below to make them like original one? If you can record and share via by youtube(short video), it can be educational for me :sunny: If you are bussy-or not willing now ,its also okey :wink:
-red lighting&shadow texture at jacket
-ballanced-shadow at ground

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I am busy, but not THAT busy. So ye, give me a few days and I’ll see what I can do👌

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K fam, here’s the video, hope it’s not completely awful :ok_hand:


I laughed while watching :sweat_smile: Thank you for your all effort, this is very good for me. There is nice tricks that i never see before. I will try them(downloaded vid). I might make better version of the guy(v2.0) for here :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks dude!

Edit: btw its FAKE ^^

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