The wrong colors, PLEASE HELP

It is not picking the color I am choosing. I choose say red, and it will show up blue. However on th top right were it shows the image it would be red. I’m so confused. From what I have gathered, I believe I accidentally hit a button or a setting the made the color change to the other side of the color wheel or something.

In the Colour Picker tool options, do you have “Sample all layers” selected? If it’s only sampling the current layer and you have a slight tint of blue there it would probably pick that blue up.

Maybe this helps:

Seems to be the exact same issue you described.

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I’d rather not do tech support over the phone. It rarely works very well. And we’re very likely in different countries and besides, my spoken english is nothing to write home about.

This might be good information too if you’re not familiar with the Krita terminology.

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