THIS...(graphic design) :V

This is Google Translate.

  1. Enable Pipe mode.

  2. Adjust the spacing to see the text clearly.

  3. ELLipse Tool Options
    Fill: Not Filled&OutLine: Brush

  4. Click the left mouse button on the canvas.


@Eranthis_stellata Pipe Mode … Thank you :slight_smile:
Then, you can use the Assistant Tools with Snap to Assistants.

Hmmmm, don’t think that’s possible. To convert a ring/circle into a rectangle you gotta cut the image with the radius, with one transformation mask that can’t be done. What could be done is separate the image in two and apply two transformation masks to each side. But then, the deformations are really heavy, that would look like a nasty soup of pixels

This is Google Translate.
Yes, the Assistant Tool can be used for text brushes.

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@dendy It’s possible, in theory, but it’s very difficult. Wrapping parts of a rectangle into the middle of a circle/disk is ok because any errors are not really noticeable there.
Going the other way then any errors would look bad. “A nasty soup”, yes.

I’m adding onto @Eranthis_stellata 's technique. Here is one (slightly flawed) way to create arcane circles.

make a circle assistant.

add inner circle.

add arcane runes with a text brush.

add outer circle.

For the brush:

  1. download runic fonts (here are some Runic Fonts | FontSpace)
  2. take a basic-2 opacity brush
  3. remove all brush properties
  4. enable Rotation → drawing angle
  5. change brush tip to text, you can adjust the size and spacing to your preference.

→ if the start or end of the brush is weird, type a period, press the spacebar, then write your words. Enable sharpness with no pen pressure for easy nearest neighbor rescaling.

Is it just me or is the start of drawing rotation supposed to be like this? I got this problem with the text brush as well. Is there a solution to this?

Edit: The brush will work with circle tool too. Set the ratio to 1.

You can see where the flaw of drawing angle appears. Using the (period + space) will help. You can remove the dots after.

remember to add some cool layer styles like glow to make your circle extra fabulous


This is cool, I totally forgot the circle assistant exists. I used to handwrite the text to give it the impression that it’s actually written by someone (differences for same letters and small mistakes) but this method helps a lot for the more complex and bigger one’s.

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This is Google Translate.

My brush preview does not look like this.

When the spacing is small, the brush previews will be crowded together.

Maybe it has something to do with the font?


Thank you for your earlier post. It was a very good idea!!

My reply to your comment:

Yes, you are correct. It is the font that gives the circle the beautiful look. In my post, there is a link to download some fonts with that look/style. I used the custom font on Windows 10 OS.

The spacing will have to change depending on the font and the size of letters. : )

Some fonts will need large spacing.

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By the way, if someone is looking for character set that is not used much, I use the alphabet from the Voynich manuscript - Wikipedia .They are untranslatable and are basically magical lorem ipsum. Used for the scroll in this picture


Tried to replicate the transform mask. Its crazy what you did there. And I had no Idea mesh transform could be used in such a way.

Guys, you are top! I had started this morning with the following text and now wanted to work it out completely, and now this explosion of creativity here in the topic. Since I actually no longer need to try out my ideas, at least not immediately - I’ll do it anyway soon. Here is what I have written so far:

I would create the text also with Gimp, although I have two idea to achieve this with tricks also in Krita, one of the tricks is similar to @dendy’s but more elaborate, but for that I have to test tonight if my idea works, should it work I will post the result and the method here (I have a lot to do right now, sorry). But the construction of such forms is an easy one for me, I once learned technical draftsman specializing in mechanical engineering.

I did not “turn the corner” on the text at all! :joy: I was lazy and used ready-made brushtips because of novames00’s acceptance of an alternative. :wink:

If you search for “Stephanie Shimerdla”, also known as ObsidianDawn (resources are free, but you must either credit or license them wherever you use them! But if you want to make money with it it’s appropriate, isn’t it?), or on Deviant Art search for redheadstock, can find ABR files with corresponding brushtips (and much, much more, She has an impressively extensive portfolio) and map those to a Krita preset and from parts of them you can also create/assemble more brushtips.

These ABR files (hosted on Deviant Art) contain plenty of material for this:
Alchemy II
Arcane Circles
Arcane Circles II
Arcane Circles III
Arcane Runes
Arcane Runes III
Celtic Knotwork
Dingbats Shapes
Astrology Sketches
Crop Circles
Dark -N- Gothic

Then there’s the Arcane Circles Brush Pack by nerfAvari who would appreciate links to images created with her brushes, but otherwise doesn’t mention any restrictions on use (also DA).


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This thread turned quick in to gold.


jsjs, me neither, went with the expectations of it not being possible, not gonna lie. I’ve some experience with tranformation masks and stuff tho, I love that feauture of Krita

I’ve linked the .kra project btw

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Damn, sounds promising, do share

Also btw, Adobe After effects had this effect called polar projection/distortion or something like that that did exactly what I did. That would be nice to have in Krita tbh

I’m not entirely sure but I thing there is a G’mic filter that can do what you did. I remember some question that was about projecting a layer onto a sphere. I a circle is basically the lame version of a sphere so I wouldn’t be surprised if g’mic could do that too.


Well, then let’s search G’mic. :slight_smile:


Too bad, my attempt to “bend” a text unfortunately results in completely bent and blurred letters, and the second variant that works, but is not as elegant and simple as the other ideas presented here in the topic.
For this I simply used an overlay ruler (not a Krita tool) to display a fixed point above the canvas and set a letter there and then rotated the canvas 2° and set the next letter and so on, it works, but it takes forever. You can also use two adhesive strips on the monitor to mark a point fixed, that also works.


Kaleidoscope [Reptorian-Polar] of gmic has a distortion effect. But gmic’s preview function is very painful… If it is a special character with unknown meaning, maybe you can try

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