This Wild - AI Art generated to Mr. Blue Sky lyrics

Electric Light Orchestra’s Mr Blue Sky with ai generated images from lyrics.


This particular one is instantly evocative and ‘very human’:

The other “Where did we go wrong” images are different.
I wonder how much ‘artistic selection’ and multiple fine tuning attempts were made to get the images shown.

Given that the AI system has been trained and has ‘learned’ from many images available on the internet, I wonder how original artists would feel about their work being used in this way to feed the abilities of an automated and opaque system.


Many artists I have seen are angry that their art is used to what seems to be their own replacement.

The ai proponents call it a tool that will aid artists and not replace them. But I see people not going to artists and generating arts themselves. The ai proponents also call what ai is doing similar to humans for example they say humans also see many things and what they produce is the combination of what they have seen. But they fail to understand that human mind may get inspired by what we see but it is not just art on internet that inspires us, inspiration can come from nature, any incident that has happened or anything from childhood perhaps. This human touch is lacking from ai art currently.

When I look at it, it all seems like Clipart to me similar strokes blurred edges there is an inherent style in it and you can say it is made by ai when you see it closely. You can see it here in this example reddit post
(Warning nsfw image ) ai is not yet perfect. (There are already people podting ai art ad their own) And in my opinion it might take a while for it to catch up to human art. Ai image generation is also like a casino machine you put words like coins and what comes out is not completely under your control. Human art is based on story telling. I personally have learned a lesson in this situation that what differentiates our art from this is that we can tell stories through art this however is limited to prompts that a developer enters. May be artists will find this challenge and try to improve more.

Regarding ethical side, I condemn these people use our images as raw material and generate images and then charge for the services. Basically they are using the artists pool of images to get revenue without compensating for the data they are stealing.


Yes, I too wonder about generation, selection, etc. etc…