Thought I'd share the calendar I do. :)

So, a bit of backstory, in 1999/2000 my dad got ill, and passed on, and I was hit pretty hard with depression. My best friend ( trying to get me out of my depression ) asked me to design a few dog paintings, which led her to suggesting I do some cartoons of an OES puppy. I wrote and self published ( afetr failed attempts to ‘properly publish’ “Li’l Pup’s Bedtime” a children’s book, in rhyme about a puppy.
(copyrighted in 2000, but didnt get the self publish til 2008 do to many jobs taking me away from art )
In 2016, due to declining health I was fired from my job ( working pretty demanding work ( construction and clean up and later janitorial ) I knew with my health getting bad, I needed to redirect myself. ( and though I am not sucessful by anymeans ) I am finally doing what I feel is best for me. “Art”
So, when I started back, I did various projects as I could get them but, continued work on always sketching Lil Pup, so my best friend once again asked, " can you make Lil Pup calendars?" Yep yep I can… So I have hehe.
My 2023 Lil Pup calendar, is done in Krita.
If you want the calendar, it is titled “Li’l Pup Friendship” and can be found here:


Very nice calendar. The back story makes it even more special.


thank you!

Good for you Will! This is wonderful!
Best wishes! Enjoy!
I love art!

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thank you!

Congrats on the calendar, sounds like the project was a long time coming. Wish you the best in your artistic endeavors!

thank you!

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