Thumbnails in thunar file manager

Does anyone have image previews/thumbnails for kra files in xfce Thunar?

I’m on Mint currently, and this worked for me for both Thunar and Nemo:

It even does thumbnails for other project file types!


Thank you.

I’m on Manjaro. I couldn’t find it in the aur or any other thumbnailer that works

There is also this

But you will have to build it manually. Or you have to use this, get the files from there and try to build it manually

I have had reported this issue to gnome guys, who took @Deevad’s repo in gnome only to archive it afterwards, then my issue for reviving was closed and tossed around one project to another and discussed ignoring me as you see here and Nautilus maintainer said Krita thumbnailing is out of scope for them and they are issue belonging to non gnome software as you can read here .

My unsolicited advice to you by my personal experience would be to stop using gtk based distros and move to plasma which has inbuilt support for these things and atleast your issue is not tossed around making you feel worthless.


I remember having trouble getting it to work with XFCE too and eventually gave up. I now use Manjaro with KDE Plasma (for other reasons) and there it worked out of the box.

I just may give plasma a try eventually. I really would like better thumbnails in the file manager.
I think I will try the image viewer - Eye of gnome and see if I can make it work.

I switched to KDE mostly because of issues with the desktop itself and because there are GUI-Tools to set up Wacom tablets. Also I thought it looks nice.

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Thanks for this. Anarchy (arch) and Mate, + a kind person has packaged it in the AUR … runs perfectly.