Ticking brush

Friends need your help.
need to configure the brush.
The wording is simple, raster brush, X frames per second.
That is, if X=10 then the brush puts 1 stamp every 100ms
Regardless of the pressure on the pen or the distance traveled by the cursor.
I came across the fact that the brush has a permanent parameter “interval” that can’t be correctly linked to “time”…

There is a ‘trick’ you can do where you effectively turn the brush on for a short time by manipulating its opacity with time. If you do this it must have a small spacing but not too small or you will get multiple stamps when it is ‘turned on’.

The faster you move the brush, the more widely spaced the ‘ticks’ are.
It’s limited to one tick rate depending on the time interval you set up and the spacing will probably need to be changed to deal with different time intervals.


Yes, this solution is quite up to its task. Thanks!
Skip spaces at low speed or frieze, but this is tolerable. While I will select the optimal interval.
But if there are more precise solutions, I will be happy.