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Hi everyone,

Just wondering how long you spend on each of your paintings on average? I ask this because I usually spend more than 10 hours per painting. For example, in order of latest to oldest my last three paintings have taken around 13 hours, 8 hours, and 35 hours.

Looking at Instagram with a lot of artists creating works in under 2 hours, I am wondering how long others take on their paintings. I think I am probably just slow since I am a beginner.

But would love to hear your thoughts anyway!

I am also a beginner in my opinion and I spend 8 hours (last three paintings average). Time is from krita document info. In reality I think that the time is maybe 11-12 hours, cause I also need time to figure out which brush I should use for different parts of the work. And for learning new techniques for the actual painting. But I feel that I am a very slow painter. I like to speed up the process.

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That is interesting, I also spend time changing brushes a lot, but I mostly just use the default blending brush in Krita that I have made a few tweaks to.

Since I also paint for personal pleasure, I don’t really put much effort in speeding up my workflow as professional artists are forced to, and of course I lack the routine to get things right the first (or second) time too.

My artworks rarely take less than 6 hours, and not so rarely end up taking 24h or even more.

And that’s not even including the time I’m staring at my sketches an wonder what’s still wrong, or things I don’t even save because they didn’t work out as intended, so krita won’t recognize it as editing time.

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i don’t pay attention to how much time unless i have a deadline. I went through some of my recent pieces (i just recently discovered that Krita files save the time in the document - that’s pretty cool) - roughly the same amount of time - that are from blank paper to completion.
i want more – 8h 41m
can’t move – 7h 51m
The blue jay – 9h 38m

like other people have already said, paint because you enjoy painting - your goal isn’t to be a better version of someone else, it’s to be a better version of you.

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Cool paintings.
True, yea I didn’t realise Krita can check the times. In that case, my paintings didn’t take as long, however, I don’t know if this represents the entire process.
That would mean I spent this much time editing the canvas?
Rest & listen - 8hrs
Vibrant Lights - 4.5hrs
Life Together - 17 Mega Pixel Painting - 26hrs

It counts the time you actually paint so if there is a time when you are just thinking and not moving your mouse it will discard that. I believe the threshold is 2 minutes of idle cursor I don’t know for sure. So it may not represent the complete time taken to visualise and create the painting.

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Good to know thanks

Well how much time it takes depends a lot on the artwork, the details grade, your skill level, the motiv and also how you where feeling that day.

A few artworks linked here I could do in just two hours but others could never reproduce even not with infinite time because I just don’t have the skill or knowledge (yet ;D) .

I can make a detailed painting of a fox in 2 to 3 hours flat but I already painted a looooot of foxes, I know all the tools already and have put a lot of time into tweaking brushes and for a easy motiv I’m comfortable with I can skip all the sketching. I’m good with characters, backgrounds depend. Buildings with even complicated perspective are done pretty fast thanks to krita’s perspective assistants. But a landscape. Oh boy, I can spend many hours on it without leaving the sketch phase because I have no idea, neglected landscapes for years and already struggle with the workflow.

It depends on your style too. I’m more of a painter and that means I can completely skip outlining (which basically means drawing your whole picture a second time!) and can work with quite rough sketches because I make up some of the details as I go (happy little accidents).

I wouldn’t put much though into speed, especially not as a beginner. You will become faster when you start knowing things by heart.

If you want to challenge yourself you can set yourself a timer and check what you can manage to get done in a set amount of time. Two hours is a good time, great warmup and common for speed paintings. When the time is up you can analize where you took long and what you have to practice more.

Excellent site for this is

I use it when I feel like practicing.

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Thanks for all the info, very informative points.

Lately, 1-1.5 hours each:
That’s mainly because these are just copies of reference, so although I don’t 100% know how I’m going to treat the subject when I start, there’s not that much exploration needed. It’s when you don’t know what to do yet that things start to take long, in my experience. Also, these are not highly polished either, “finishing” is usually what really sucks up the time.

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