Timelapse plugin

I think there will be a build in one in 5.0 which will probably be way better, mine is a bit janky and I have a couple ideas on how to make it better but right now it does the job and I’m kinda frustrated with krita/pyqt docs.

Currently only works on windows I think.

Anyways you can find the plugin here: GitHub - GregorLohaus/kritaTimeLapsePlugin

You will also need to install ffmpeg which can be found here: Builds - CODEX FFMPEG @ gyan.dev

(think only the manual plugin installation works i don’t know why my plugin is set up correctly to be imported)

Path should always be copy pasted from windows file manager, FFMpegPath should be the Path to the folder that contains ffmpeg.exe, don’t put a \ on the end of either.

Plugin will create a folder under the Path you specified and name it what you put in the Name field, that’s where the mp4 will be rendered once you stop the recording.

Let me know if you run into any issues.

Edit: Import installation works now.