Tips: Press E to switch to an eraser preset (instead of Eraser Mode)

Ok Here is a tip I just discovered. I guess most Krita veterans have already known it but it’s not very obvious on the UI so I wanna share it with you.

In Photoshop or Clip Paint Studio you can switch to an eraser tool by pressing E. In Krita it makes the brush switch to Eraser Mode by default. Both have the pros and cons but I prefer Photoshop’s way. For example you may want to paint with a soft airbrush and cut hard edges with the eraser. By switching to Eraser Mode you’ll get a soft eraser, which isn’t my user case.

This is how you configure it. First, set the shortcut of one of Ten Brushes to E.

Then open Tools -> Scripts -> Ten Brushes and set your favorite eraser to a slot:

Remember to tick “Active previous brush when pressing the shortcut for the second time”.

Now you can switch between a brush and eraser preset by pressing E. It’s not exactly like Photoshop because if you want to use another eraser you need to either manually choose it or set it again in Ten Brushes. But I personally found it’s good enough because I only use two erasers (one soft and one hard).

Hope it helps!


Nice tip, thanks!

Also there is a “ThreeSlots” plugin creates three brushtool shortcuts that memorize last used brush preset for each slot independently from each other. And one of them is dedicated to force eraser mode switching.
Actually it easy redone to any number of slots. I use 7.