To a Thousand Hearts and More

I did it! After a year of posting on Krita Artists, I have reached my first main goal… 1k hearts!

From posting a few topics on getting help with Krita, to then teasing a secret project which soon became the popular franchise Duncan: The Culture, and forward into gaining traction from the Krita Team and the Krita Artists community, including an interview from the Krita Team themselves, I want to say thank you so much!

I have made many new friends within the Krita Artists community, and they all helped me to do more what I can do now. I could not have done it without all of you!

From now and to the future, I will keep on improving my works and art style to keep the viewers into wanting more.

To a thousand hearts and more,


Many congratulations, Simon! I wish you a great, educational and fun journey to 2000! :grin:



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:hushed: Is there a badge for that?

I like badges - they’re shiny and make me feel… ‘special’! :star_struck:


Here’s one. Print it and wear it with pride :slight_smile:

(Genuine mock-bronze lapel badge available for a reasonable fee.)


That’s sweet of you. I’ll print it later since I just woke up… but my profile picture with that badge will do for now!

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Yeah @raghukamath doesn’t have the badge monopole dammit!


badge monopole?

I think that @MangaTengu means ‘monopoly’.
Halla, tiar and wolthera also have ‘badges’ (shield icons) next to their names so it’s not actually a monopoly :slight_smile:

I’m joking :sweat_smile:
I mean the capacity to add new badges for various achievements to the site.
Like ok it’s not official but let’s do our own.

Aaah I understand now. those badges are give automatically for admin and staff. We can give badges to people too and set criteria, I’ll check out the options.