To devs : Have you thought about removing features and have you done that?

Aside from the the features you refactored(like Text tool), have you ever thought about removing features that doesn’t seem necessary because it would produce bugs along the updates or it could be intensive for maintenance?

Just curious.

I’m not a dev but it has been done.

Could you tell which features?

I use Krita for many years now but I can’t recall a single feature that was completely removed. Usually they get replaced with something better or merged with other existing features while they get improved and streamlined. Completely removed features are rare since features that are considered of not much use are rarely implemented in the first place. I remember gif support was once missing for a while because of license problems, but maybe I’m just not remembering it correctly and it was another software.

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@acc4 @Takiro

As I said I’m not Krita dev so I’m sure they know better.

When it comes to example, there used to be an option to lock dockers, it’s gone now, Some brush engines were removed (and I’m sure that some will be removed in the future or at least one of the devs mentioned it somewhere), there used to be something different about text tool either a different tool, or dialog, or so and it was removed or more like replaced by something else or partially replaced. I’m sure there were other things too.

From the top of my mind, the macro recorder, panorama stitcher, color mixer, openshiva based filters, opengtl spectral colorspaces, wet layers, having other koffice documents as layers were all removed. I’m sure there were other things, too. The docker titlebar lock is back, btw.
Things we’ve refactored a lot: cimg/g’mic integration, scripting (three iterations – javascript, kross, python), text (three iterations up to now), tile engine (three as well…).


One function that developers find not so important is the printing function. It was deleted many generations ago and nobody seems to miss it.

Printing never really worked, though, so even when there was a menu option and toolbar button for it, it was hardly a feature :slight_smile:

I keep a copy of Krita 2.4 for rare cases of needing pdf export, so that’s another example.

The beauty is that you can keep the copy and run it to get access to that there are few application that allow that :slight_smile:

…can i actually download such an old version from somewhere? Im now VERY curious to feel how krita was back then! I only had the chance to get to know it since 2017 and the 3.++ versions xD


Well there is an option on the website as it seems, I asked too soon xD It was there all along. :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried a 2012 version xD Oh there are so many things that changed since then a lot of new features added!, But the core structure that makes krita what it is now is still there, just less polished a bit less less responsive than now i guess.

Im wondering though what happened to the icons on the menus ? :stuck_out_tongue:

They were hidden in 2014: see