Toggle Erase with Alt while in Brush

Type of device: Wacom 16
System (Windows Krita 4.3)

Description of the issue:

I can toggle Eraser with E on and off. It would be great to be able to do this while holding down a button (alt) while painting with the brush. Is there a way to toggle eraser on while holding down alt and then toggle it off when I relase alt while in Brush paint mode?
I use the Wacom Expresskeys, but they do not seem to support key down, hold, key up responses. I looked into Configure - Canvas Input - Alternate Invocation.
I was hoping to use the tertiary mode with brush to delete, but cant seem to find a way to set this up. Is this possible yet? Thank you


This is something I have been thinking about too! I really like a similar feature in Blender, where holding Ctrl toggles “eraser”/“invert”, and releasing it turns the brush into “draw”/“normal” mode again!
I would love to have that in Krita! There are many times I forget about toggling the eraser!

There have been this topic on improving the existing one to avoid forgetting about toggling Having a visual change when in eraser mode (community poll) So the future looks brighter for the Eraser mode!
But I would love to have a press and hold like the one you describe! The mix of “hold to activate - release to deactivate eraser”, and the visual change would be fantastic, a dream come true! :heart_eyes:

I don’t think this is possible in Krita right now, I hope I am wrong and that someone has a solution.
This would be a fantastic Feature Request! :grin:

Pressing and holding the Alt key is a system level ‘grab and drag a window’ event in some Linux desktop environments, like mine :slight_smile:

I think it’s a good idea but the choice of modifier key needs some care.

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Do you think it would be possible or smart to make it so pressing “E” makes it toggle, but holding “E” and drawing makes it act like a modifier so that both are mapped to the same key?

Like this:
Pressing “E” and the pen not touching the surface = toggle
Holding “E” and the pen touches the surface = eraser mode activated the duration you hold “E” or until you release “E”

This sounds cool, but it would probably be sufficient and maybe easier to code/more stable(?) to have an option to set a custom shortcut for it, for instance in Canvas Input Settings

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The idea of multiple use of the ‘E’ key sounds workable from a usability point of view, if it can be done.

However, I think that keeping the existing behaviour of the ‘E’ key would be a good idea to avoid changing the code related to it’s behaviour and also to avoid confusing existing users who are used to the current operation of the ‘E’ key.

For whatever reason, the ‘Z’ key isn’t used as any existing scheme shortcut key so maybe that one. ‘Z’ also has an association with ‘undo’ because of Ctrl+Z so there is an association with a form of ‘erasing’.
Just throwing an idea up in the air.

I realise that anyone who’s used ‘Z’ as a custom shortcut would not be happy about that.

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I would also like this kind of erase toggle behavior. Would it be possible to solve this by making a hold-press an optional part of any user-made shortcut? Then a user could optionally make a hold-erase-toggle mapped to any key without disrupting current users.

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Uhmm I dont see why not this could not be.
it makes sense considering selection methods for shift(add) and alt(subtract).
I think the change would just take a couple of minutes to get used too.