Tool/brush outline still showing


In Krita 5 Windows 10, I go to settings and selected “none” for both cursor and “outline”, but even after restarting the Krita app, the outlines are still there … am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?


Your screenshot is not complete and doesn’t help :slight_smile:

But looking your brush: 4.23px size
And your drawing seems to be at 100%
And size of outline that is very big: I suppose it’s the stabilizer outline.

In tools options, check if stabilizer is active or not.

If yes, if you deactivate it, it should be ok I think.

After, is it normal to have outline from stabilizer even if settings ask to display nothing, I don’t know; stabilizer is not a brush outline but an helper then…



Sorry for late reply … Thank you , spot on, was stabilizer … thanks for clearing it up. Sorry should have posted full screenshot :slight_smile:

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