Topics, difference from report the stats bar

In the “Artwork” section and the subcategories.
While you are viewing the various topics (when you click to see the comments); Several topics report the complete stats bar, while others only report the number of likes.
Is this a problem with “Firefox”? Or is it entirely causal?
I put 2 screenshots to highlight the issue.

Thanks for the clarification :wink:

P.S. I hope I didn’t get the wrong forum section

You only see the complete stats if there’s been a reply to the topic.
I don’t know exactly why that is but if there hasn’t been a reply then the only additional information on the complete stats would be the number of views.

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I moved it to #site-feedback as it’ related to krita-artists forum and not Krita usage :wink:



Thanks for the explanation, I had started to think about having to reinstall Firefox.

I suspected I had the wrong forum section, thanks for moving :wink:



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