Touch gesture shortcuts in Krita?

It’s been a long time, and I’m just now getting a chance to revisit drawing with Krita on my Android tablet, and I have a few questions;

Has there been any further discussions on implementing touch screen gestures as commonly used shortcuts?

Specifically, the bigger paint programs for tablets nowadays (iPad’s Procreate and iOS/Android’s Clip Studio Pro at least) seem to have copied each other’s homework and now all use two-finger tap to undo. Is this something that would be possible to implement or add as an option in Krita?

Also I noticed that long-press to toggle the radial menu is gone on a fresh install. Is there any way to toggle that without mouse/keyboard now?

Long press was never a feature of Krita itself but of the operating system. Windows and some tablet drivers have the option to map this to right-click wich would open the pop-up palette (or context menu) but this usually makes problems because the operating system often can’t tell the difference between a long press and you just carfully doing a small slow brush stroke, which in turn can lead to the pop up palette opening after every stroke.

Regarding Krita on Android, i think it’s still early beta and still has other issues than just missing gestures.

i now have a surface pro and i was wondering if i can add gesture control too, like double tap to undo and something like long press to colorpick…?

@Takiro That makes perfect sense, thank you.

It makes sense that progress on Android would be a bit more slow-going. It was never intended as a priority, just an awesome side project that happened to work out. If following Boudewijn’s blog has taught me anything its that keeping the status quo going is incredibly difficult already, in no small part to arbitrary changes from Apple and the Qt framework

Doesn’t change that I would absolutely love gesture controls as a feature request. Could be pretty convenient if configured properly on desktop as well.