transparent background for jpeg picture =(

hiii everyone!!!
I’m new on Krita so i dont understand everything. Here my situation :
I made a new canvas, for the background i get the opacity of the background at 0% for having a transparent background. For now everything is ok.
The problem is : i do emote for twitch so i really need a no background picture and for be able to resize the picture and send this to twitch, i need to save the picture as a JPEG but when i save my picture like this, i dont keep the transparent background, that give me a white background =( I don’t see the option too keep the transparent background!

Do you have a hint for me please =(

Thank you for your time!!!

Can u send a screenshot of it

You won’t be able to make a transparent jpeg. The format just doesn’t support transparency. If you want transparency use PNG format.


hoo thank you! I try it and that work! =D