I made an armored troll for my webcomic. I wanted him to look heavily armored, yet I wanted the armor to look tinkered. So I went for a sort of chain mail made out of little scraps.
It was around 2 AM when I began asking myself what a femur looked like and tbh I just gave it what I had left…
This is a very vertical shot to exploit the webtoon format.
PS: i’m supposed to give every drawing 30 minutes but this one pumped something like 4 hours out of me :confounded:


It looks like me when I ordered chickens feet once, and I do mean once.
Seems like you have been doing very varied stuff lately.


The advantage of not always drawing what you want :sweat_smile:

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made a rez’up for a further panel


Love the way you handled the armor. That must have taken forever.

Oh thank you! Yes, it was a pain! I’ll have to simplify it for the other panels!