Trouble Rendering

Hello everyone,
I’m sure someones has already asked this, but I started Krita a couple of months ago on my windows. I’ve made two animations, for YouTube. My first animation rendered successfully, but for my second one I had went through my computer and deleted old files and such. I guess that I had deleted the FFMpeg file. I tried following the same tutorial earlier and watched others, but nothing worked. If someone could help I’ll try anything, to get back a months work. Thanks! :blush:

Are you using krita version 4.3.0 on a 64-bit Windows 10 system?

If you’ve deleted the ffmpeg folder/files then krita won’t be able to find/use them to render an animation out to .mp4, obviously.
You’ll need to download them again from:
Extract the folder from that .zip file and put it back where you first had it.

With krita running and an animated .kra file open, go to File -> Render Animation, select the Video option and you’ll see the location that krita expects to find ffmpeg.exe, which will be inside the containing folder that you originally downloaded and stored somewhere on your computer.

Do you remember doing all of that previously, before you did successful animation rendering?

You can put it more or less anywhere on your computer so it’s a good idea to put it somewhere that you won’t normally look around and delete stuff that seems superfluous.

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@AhabGreybeard Oh my gosh thank you so much!!! It worked! :grin: