Trying Krita 5.0 Beta 1 Android - Some new features and how to access the new resource folder.

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Before installing, know that It will reset everything. Only do this if you’re willing to start afresh :innocent:.

Device Used : Tab S6, Android 11


Thanks for showing us. I’m glad that we will be able to access the resources folder.
I’m wondering if you’ve ever tried the Files app that’s built in to Android (but a shortcut app is needed to get at that, such as this one…) Would this do the job?

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Yes, you can access the resource folder using that, you can even copy and move files around, though one limitation is that you may need to install a text editor incase you want to for instance edit text files like colour schemes and others.

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The FX file manager comes with a built in text editor. Image viewer and local area network browser too. I like it so much I’ve paid for extended version twice.
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Why twice? Did something happen or does it depend on subscription?