Trying something new

This is my latest work. I had lot of fun doing it. So far I never painted such a dark scene and this is also the first painting with more than one character I ever painted.

My Thinkpad is in service again and I therfore had to use the small XPS 9370.
I still struggle with this artefacts which appear when I apply blending effects (dynamic brushengine. I think the problem arises as soon as the hardware gets hot.
I guess this has to do with the insufficient Intel Onboard GPU. Besides that are no issues known with the hardware. I don’t notice any troubles in regular apps such as text editors etc…
The markups are clearly visible on girls pants.


Nice I am afraid to make a dark scene if lighting is not proper it will appear as daubed I will try after few work

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This is a little dark. Brave of you to include human figures, and well done too. Good on ya.

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What Van says, way to be brave.

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Are you really the same guy who came here with a flat picture of a sunflower girl who hardly had any skin tones at all? Just a few months ago?

I’m really impressed with how fast you are learning!

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Thanks mate!

Haha… Yeah the sunflower girl. But to answer your question, yes it’s for sure me :blush:.

You helped me a lot with the sunflower girl. Every time I paint, I try to remember all those things you learned me.

I have to say, I am self a bit surprised how well it suddenly goes. Some months ago, I struggled even to paint some proper lines with the tablet.

Lots of credit goes to you guys. Thanks again.

I also learned that my results become much better when I don’t spent much time with details. I always try to use the biggest suitable brush when I start. I start to block in the shapes pretty heavily and fast and bring in more and more details. I think this way I can earlier see if things work or not and make corrections where necessary. I also learned that I have to make a break about every 45 minutes for 5 to 10 mons.

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5 to 10 months of break every 45 minutes? Just like me! :wink:

:grin: O. k… Well, everybody has his own approach…I meant minutes not months for sure.