Turn any photograph into a pencil sketch using Krita

Hello everyone and happy Monday! :slight_smile:
Let’s take a small break from painting and see what Krita has to offer.
As you already know, Krita is more than a drawing and painting app. It can also be used to manipulate photographs. Today I will show you the steps that will allow you to turn any images into a pencil sketch.
Please know that I am not showing you something new! This is a method commonly used in Photoshop. However, it may be new to YOU!!! Also, you may not have photoshop installed on your computer or don’t want to pay the expensive subscription… No worries. I am going to show you how to use the techniques for free using Krita.

00:00 Introduction
01:04 Importing an image into Krita
01:44 Transforming your photo into a sketch
03:57 Getting ready for the next steps (grouping, merging)
04:50 Getting rid of the image’s white background
05:23 Finalize the details using a pencil brush and an eraser
07:15 Conclusion