Tutorial: clone layers

Hi, I made a short tutorial on how to use clone layers (and also a bit on transform and filter masks too).
Hope you’ll like this a bit shorter and denser format.

Cheers :wink:


This is awesome :+1:t4:

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Fantastic tutorial and the best Krita UI theme there is!

Thank you. I’m glad to say that in Krita 5 it looks even better (such a big thanks to developers for working on that)

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I found your tips very interesting !
You could launch a “won’t teach you how to draw” video series for the youtube krita channel XD

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Hahah! Thanks a lot :wink: btw I like how the name of my brushpack become quite known and liked.


Thanks, great video for the water reflection, I will have to try it! How did you do to have the quick menu wheel with so much brushes around it, I thought it was 10-12 max?

Thanks! You can bump it up to 30 somewhere in the settings (general > miscellaneous I believe). I showed it in another video about customizing the interface.

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