Tutorials from other programs?

I have some Gimp, Inkscape, Blender tutorials. Some I made using two programs (like Krita and Gimp); sometimes I practice other people’s tutorials and post the links and results of my experiences.

An example: I practiced a tutorial on camera movement in Blender. Object modeling and camera movement were done in Blender. I exported the animation as png images and mounted it in Krita, where I made a scenario

I usually post this stuff on my blog and on a computer forum, I was thinking of posting it here too… but where?

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Hello thats a great. Pretty interested with blender X krita workflow as i know those 2 program but rarely use them together.

I think tutos are posted under Resources>Tutorials.

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Hmmm… isn’t that section just for Krita tutorials? I don’t know if it would be good to post there.

In the example I gave, from the Blender camera tutorial, I must have done 99% of the effect in that program. And there are tutorials that are just from Gimp…

Yes the forum is just for Krita. so the tutorials of other software would be off topic.

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you could also share them on this discord:

there’s a blender ressource area.

• raghukamath: That’s what I thought. Can I post these tutorials in the Lounge section?

• tachiko: Is Discord no longer for videos? My tutorials are not video…

Discord is a messaging program where you can join servers, you can share whatever you want there.

@Guerreiro64 If you want to get someone’s attention, you put an ‘@’ in front of their name to send them a ‘ping’.

I think it’s a question not only of being specifically a krita forum but also about the server disk space they’ll take up. Originally there was a 4MB image upload limit but that was reduced to 3MB to save space.

• LunarKreatures: I’m more used to forums and, outside of computer graphics, I’m a total newbie. I don’t even know what a server is, I just know the word…

• AhabGreybeard: Yeah, there’s this space issue. We can do the following, then: I register in forums of other programs (Gimp, for example), I post the tutorials there and here I only post the tutorial links in the Lounge section.

It remains to be seen whether the moderation approves / disapproves of my suggestion…

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Links are good for post in lounge.

It is about the space and also about the relevance to this forum. Occasional off-topic post that are somewhat related to art in general or topics related to other software in the same domain of free software and Krita are okay in the lounge, but if it becomes regular, so much so that there are hundreds of post in the lounge about topics other than Krita then this forum will not be functioning as a Krita forum and lounge would become a way to subvert the main goal of the forum.

So please keep the post count to moderate.


OK. Well, I can create a topic for Gimp, for example… and only in it I will post links about it. This avoids leaving the links scattered there.